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Dysautonomia Fun Facts

As it is the last day of Dysautonomia Awareness Month, I decided to compile the facts I've been sharing via social media this month and put them all together here. If you're following me on my personal Instagram account, you may have seen the daily posts I've made this month to help shed some light on what it's like having Dysautonomia. If you haven't, well, that's part of why I'm writing this all up!

31 Fun facts: Dysautonomia means...

- I get to choose between showering and walking up the stairs because I can't do both.

- Brain fog happens. All. The. Time.

- After laughing at your joke, I might need to sit down to not pass out.

- Getting dressed for the day sometimes uses all of that day's spoons (energy).

- Sometimes I can't be vertical all day. Dizziness problems.

- Strobe lights and fluorescent lights are my nemeses!

- If I stand still, I pass out.

- Standing, having energy, using my brain. Choose two.

- Sometimes I have to take breaks going up/coming down the stairs.

- My feet turn red/purple and I never knew that wasn't normal.

- I'm sorry, are you speaking English? All I hear is mrhenghrhengh...

- These leggings I'm wearing? Yeah, they're prescribed by my doctor.

- I have to shower at night because they make me dizzy and suck my energy out of me.

- Don't share popcorn with me. You can't handle the level of saltiness.

- Excuse me while I go lay down...for 4 days...

- Sometimes I have sudden muscle weakness and can't even hold a spoon.

- Going out and having fun means days in bed to recover.

- Yes, I faint. My spirit animal is a fainting goat!

- Every day is a solar eclipse because of blackouts.

- A normal person's blood pressure is 120/80. Mine is 80/40.

- Oh, my face is red again? I know. It's probably because I'm always overheated.

- Waking up takes a long time because I can't speak for 20 minutes and can't see straight for 30-60.

- 1 in 4 people with Dysautonomia can't go to work or school.

- The doc wants me to drink a gallon of water every day and lots of salt tablets. Hello, water weight...

- Constant migraines are my life.

- I'll never get tipsy because I'll be passed out first! It's cool, I don't like drinking anyway.

- "Not everyone has to sit in the shower, Laurel!" Oh? Really? I didn't know...

- Found out I really kinda like coffee, but my body hates it. No caffeine for me.

- Sometimes I talk in cursive. Not for the reason some people think.

- I walk like Captain Jack Sparrow sometimes. My friends think it looks hilarious.

- Can't get the heart rate up or I'll pass out, so no hiking, biking, running, or any other cardio.

Hope you enjoyed all the fun facts, thank you to everyone who participated and learned about Dysautonomia alongside me in October. It's been fun! Peace out, y'all!

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